P4 Pack up Their Troubles at Castleward



Pack up your Troubles at Castleward




On Thursday 9th February, P4 took the mini bus to Castleward. We were pretending to be World War Two evacuees for the day. We wore our uniforms and brought a packed lunch. Our sandwiches were wrapped in brown paper and string!


We met Agnes, Sadie, Polly and Louis who showed us all around. We packed an evacuee suitcase in the bedroom. We read old newspapers and played with old toys like marbles and bagatelle in the playroom. In the kitchen we saw how many sweets you could get in the war- not very many because sugar was rationed! We planted a broad bean in soil using a newspaper pot and the land girl told us she had to do all the jobs now as the men were away fighting.


We even had a chance to sing Run Rabbit Run with an old wireless.




We ate our lunch with the Victoria girls who were there too and then Mrs Morwood, Mrs Watson and Jim the bus driver all came back to school.


It was a really interesting day and we loved it!













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