P6 Trip to the BAC


Day at BAC

On Friday the 10th of November the boys of Mrs Wallace’s P6 class set off to the Belfast Activity Centre. A group of six RBAI upper sixth PE students organized a fun filled day for the boys as part of their A2 level coursework.

The boys were collected at 9:30am and brought to the BAC in the RBAI minibuses. The day started with some ice-breaker games and a lot of laughter. The boys were then split into two groups, one caving and the other climbing. Once everyone had their equipment on (after a little help from the RBAI students) they were off. Before the boys got into the cave, they had to try to fit everyone into a considerably small hole in the side of the cave. This turned out to be more of a challenge than the boys thought and eventually realized that it was going to be harder to get out than in. Following the instructor, the boys crawled on hands and knees through the cave. As well as having fun, the boys learnt the difference between stalactites and stalagmites and how to make sparks with flint and steel.

After caving, everyone had a break which was needed more by the RBAI students than the Inchmarlo boys. Then the groups swapped activities and got their climbing equipment on.

The boys then got to experience the climbing wall, do the leap of faith and climb the high ropes. Everyone worked as a team to pull the rope for the person climbing the wall. The boys were brilliant at encouraging their classmates to reach the top. Not only did the boys have a great time climbing, but they also learnt skills of climbing such as using the side of your feet rather than your toes when climbing the wall.

After climbing, the boys and RBAI students all met up and had lunch. The boys had a chance to reflect on the activities of the day and give the RBAI students feedback on what they enjoyed. The day ended with an award ceremony were all the boys received certificates of the day.

On behalf of our group I would like to thank the RBAI and BAC staff. A special mention to Mrs Wallace and Mrs McClure for all their help in organising the event and the P6 pupils for their hard work and effort on the day.

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