P4 Trip to the BAC

In order to carry out P.E. coursework, on the 9th November 2018, five R.B.A.I. pupils took a class of P4 Inchmarlo boys on a trip to the Belfast Activity Centre. This was a fun-filled day which involved the boys being tested physically and mentally throughout. The first ‘ice breaker’ activity involved the boys trying to get under or over a rope that was continually being turned in a circular motion by the instructors. The boys demonstrated good concentration and patience, choosing the right moment to run under or over. The next and last ‘ice breaker’ activity involved everyone holding on to a certain part of a parachute. Someone would shout something out and if this statement applied to you then you would run under the parachute that was being lifted up by the people still holding the parachute. After running under the parachute, the boys would then find another part of it to hold. Listening skills were vital in this activity, without effective listening the boys wouldn’t know whether to run under the parachute. They demonstrated this skill well, remaining quiet when the instructors were talking.

Warm-up Activity

We then got into the main activities for the day; caving and climbing. Caving involved going through very tight spaces, testing the boy’s ability to adapt in difficult situations. There was a good atmosphere throughout the activity with the boys constantly excited about the next challenge the caves would present. Positivity was a quality that the boys possessed in abundance, they had excellent self-motivation which helped them to overcome any minor setbacks. Two instructors and some of the R.B.A.I. pupils when into the caves will the boys in case there were any health and safety issues.

In climbing the boys were split up into two groups. One group had to try and climb up to the top of a high climbing wall. The demonstration and persistence of the boys was fantastic, at times it looked like the some of the boys couldn’t climb any further, but they found the strength within themselves to carry on. The other climbing group had to do various tasks on a much smaller wall, e.g. who could get on to the wall first with their two arms and legs secure. Quick thinking was needed here with different challenges being thrown at the boys, they made fast decisions effectively. The R.B.A.I. boys were on hand throughout this, assisting and leading the boys.




As one of the five R.B.A.I. pupils who accompanied the boys I hope that they found this an exhilarating, enthralling and enterprising day. It was an event that was full of highlights, full of action and an event that I believe was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The boy’s behaviour was excellent throughout. As I mentioned earlier, they showed good listening skills which meant that we were able to get ready for the activities in an efficient manner meaning that we could spend more time doing caving and climbing.


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this great day out. Mrs Morwood, the P4 Inchmarlo teacher, accompanied us to B.A.C. and stayed for the entirety of the day. Her influence was vital with regards to making sure that the boys stayed calm when necessary and that their behaviour was at a good level at all times. I would also like to thank B.A.C. for accommodating us and being understanding and patient during our planning of the day. The instructors dealt with the boys magnificently, showing their expertise and experience in numerous situations meaning that the boys had a brilliant day and most importantly ensured that none of the boys sustained any injuries throughout. This was a hugely beneficial day for my group and I in the context of our coursework and the help from those mentioned made this day a lot easier to carry out.




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