P7 Ski Trip 2014

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Thomas Johnston Winner of The Harley Downhill Ski Trophy

From the 22nd of February to the 1st of March the P7’s were on a Skiing Trip in Folgaria in Italy.

Some of the highlights on the first day would be the flight and travelling as I have never done this with friends and it was good fitting on ski boots again.

It was great on the second day as I was exhilarated at the fact that I was skiing again and the night on the second day felt like a huge sleepover though it was in a different country.

The third day was great as I was up early in the morning skiing with my mum and dad and friends another great thing on that day was the skier drive which was a beetle drive were you roll a dice to get different parts. In this game it was a 6 to get a body to start then 5 for the head 4 for the helmet 3 for the goggles 2 for the arms and legs and 1 for the skis.

The fourth day is when you’re always tired, so swimming in the evening was a great relaxation, even though we had to wear swimming caps that were very tight on my head!

The night of the fifth day we had a quiz of general knowledge to keep our minds ticking over. Not so surprisingly our team won and we were called The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team because of the actual Jamaican Bobsleigh Team. Our team consisted of Adam Wylie, James Lambert, Jack Dickson and yours truly Theo Fitch of Strathdon.

On the sixth day we had the slalom competition in which I got a respectable time of 29 seconds, its half a minute but its decent if you saw how flat the slope was. On this night our room, which was Thomas Johnston, James Lambert, Conor Glenn, Adam Wylie and of course again me Theo Fitch, watched the hilarious movie Happy Gilmore staring Adam Sandler.

The seventh day was very sad as it was the last day skiing but I was happy in the end because I got a bronze medal in my group which was the intermediate. It was great that our instructor Gianni the legend came to reward us that day.

The eighth and final day was great because we were able to go out shopping where I bought a Viking helmet with ginger hair, a wooden eagle and a wooden squirrel. That lunch time was the best as we went to a fantastic pizzeria were we had the best pizza ever.

Over all my favourite day was the last because of the pizza which was absolutely delicious for a last lunch.





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