Nature Project

27th Apr, 2020

Inchmarlo Whole School Project Week One

Please only pick one or two of these to do as your challenge. Send your examples to Mr Smyth @


Create habitat diorama for your favourite animal. Research what you would find there!


Go on a nature scavenger hunt in your garden!

Use flowers and leaves to experiment printing with paint!


What is pollination? Can you create a poster about the importance of bees and pollination?


Read a book with your adult that involves nature, animals or habitats. Can you write a book review?


Learn all about Andy Goldsworthy. Can you create a piece of art in the style of the artist?


Write a short story about a mini-beast who goes on an adventure.


Write a poem about nature.

If you go for a long walk as part of your daily exercise look around you  and write down all of the natural things you can see!



Please click on the links below to find some resources supporting  this week’s whole school project:





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