Mrs A Morwood

Headteacher | P4M

Mrs A Morwood has been a member of staff at Inchmarlo since 1993 and deputy headteacher since 2016. She is proud to say that her vision statement for Inchmarlo is ‘Inchmarlo empowers boys to embrace learning and achieve their personal best. It fosters an environment of respect, inclusion and resilience, all while developing a curiosity for learning.’

Miss E Selby

Deputy Headteacher & Child Protection | P1S

Miss Selby is the deputy headteacher of Inchmarlo. She has been a primary school teacher for nearly 20 years and a member of staff at Inchmarlo since 2008.


Mrs D Wallace

Mr C Morrow

Miss Selby

Class: P1

Mr Morrow

Class: P2

Mr M Robinson

Class: P3

Mrs A Morwood

Class: P4

Mr A Gardner

Class: P5

Mrs D Wallace

Class: P6

Mrs L Fairley

Class: P7

Mrs A McMichael

Director of Music

Afterschool (P1 – P7)

Mrs S Fernandez

Miss H Kinnear

Miss K Martin

Miss J Bell

Breakfast Club

Mrs J Traub

Mrs R McNair

Classroom Assistants

Mrs J Traub (Early Years Assistant)

Mrs J Grant

Mrs R McNair

Miss J Bell

Miss H Kinear

School Secretary

Mrs I Burgess

School caretaker

Mr A Rothwell

Catering Supervisor

Ms F Strange

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