Parents' Views

Having moved our boys to Inchmarlo last year, we are really happy with how they have settled.  The school’s emphasis on making sure the boys make the most of the excellent facilities while also remaining focused on their studies has been a great balance for both of our sons. We feel welcome and are very pleased with the boy’s progress at Inchmarlo.



In 2021 we made the decision to transfer our son to Inchmarlo from our local primary school. After just a short space of time, it was apparent that we had made the right choice. Smaller class sizes and quality teacher time has ensured that our son continuously develops academically while the many extracurricular activities available have helped to create new interests and abilities. Since joining Inchmarlo the most significant difference however has been the increase in Daniel’s confidence. It is remarkable.

When I asked Daniel what he liked about school he said, “It is happy and fun!”



I had absolutely no hesitation when choosing a school for my son. Inchmarlo offers everything in terms of academic standards, extra-curricular activities and is set on the most amazing grounds. My son is particularly interested in music and at Inchmarlo they have the opportunity to be part of the choir, orchestra and brass band as well as many other music ensembles. They offer music tuition and exams in a wide range of instruments. Every boy participates in the annual carol service, whole school musical production and the spring recital from P4. These experiences have been fabulous in boosting my son’s self-confidence. The support and nurture of all the staff have ensured that he is well prepared for the next chapter in school life.



Inchmarlo is a very special school.  Pastoral care is second to none with the well-being and happiness of the boys’ overriding everything.  The school has fantastic facilities in an unrivalled natural environment that just calls out to boys to play, grow and learn!  The school very much feels like a home away from home, where the teachers care about each and every boy and focus on their individual needs and concerns to reach their full potential.  I have watched my son Jake, grow from a little boy, very attached to Mummy, to a strong and independent young man ready to take his first steps into adulthood at the ‘big school’.  While we are very sad that he is nearing the end of his Inchmarlo journey, we are proud of the boy he has become and give no small thanks to Inchmarlo for enabling that progression.



Having had a son through Inchmarlo and then RBAI, we feel the opportunities offered to him were second to none. Many days he could be found quickly changing out of football boots or hockey trainers, to go straight to perform in the orchestra or sing in the choir.

During his time, my son represented the school at the Waterfront Hall and SSE Arena, singing with a number of global musical stars- something which has contributed to his continuing passion for music. The standard of coaching and musical opportunities is simply in a league of its own.

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