Outdoor Classroom Day

04th Nov, 2021

Outdoor Classroom Day

Today the Inchmarlo boys had great fun taking their learning outside whilst participating in the nationwide National Outdoor Classroom Day.

After reading the book Pumpkin Soup the P1 and P2 boys got busy making some delicious vegetable soup.



P3 enjoyed taking their numeracy and money topic outside.



P4 were thinking about real-life mathematics. The boys were measuring perimeters using metre sticks, trundle wheels and string.



In P5 the boys were working on ‘compass’ and directional work related to their Explorers topic.



The P7’s had fun with one of their favourite activities – den designing and building.  One group even made a hammock!





The Foundation Stage boys also enjoyed making some muddy soup whilst the vegetable soup was cooking on the bonfire.




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