P7 Buddies

01st Mar, 2022

P7 Playtime Buddies

There were many things that we missed during Covid and due to class bubbles we had been unable to mix our classes.  However, today we were finally able to get our P7 Playtime Buddy scheme up and running again.   The P7 boys were invited to apply to become a Playtime Buddy and had to fill in an application form for the role and we were overwhelmed that 90% of the class applied for the role!

Every break and lunch a small group of P7 boys will be coming outside with the P1 and P2 boys to join them in their playtime.  The P7 boys act as role models for the younger boys and model good behavior, sharing and taking turns.  Judging by all the smiles today the oldest and the youngest members of the school were all delighted to be back together again!






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