Super heroes

04th May, 2020

Whole School Project – Week 2 Superheroes!

This week’s whole school project is all about Superheroes!  Have a look at the suggested activities below and pick one or two that you like.  Email your work to


Create a superhero mask or cape for yourself. What is your super power? Write all about your super abilities!


Make a comic strip about one of your super adventures!


Write a letter to key workers thanking them for being superheroes.


Can you write a poem about your favourite superhero?


Try the spider power yoga link on the website . Can you hold the spider pose?


Baking challenge!

Make a superhero themed bake with your adult at home and write a set of instructions on how to make it.


Who inspires you? Draw a picture of someone who takes care of you, loves you and keeps you safe. Can you tell them how important they are to you?



Create some Pop Art!

Experiment with different materials.


Complete one of the superhero science experiments. Record your results!


Who is Stan Lee? Learn all about him using the PowerPoint and create a poster about his achievements and life.



Be a superhero at home! Ask your adults if they need any help around the house. How many super jobs can you do?


Watch a Superhero movie and write a film review!

Copy of all-about-stan-lee-ks1

Copy of all-about-stan-lee-ks2

Copy of comimc-book-templates

Copy of key-worker-colouring

Copy of superhero-mask






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